Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Teams And Why

Hi, Everyone!

I've decided to throw out a little fun post tonight on my Book Teams. As you can see, on the sidebar of my blog, there is list of whom I 'team' with from various books. Of course, there are many many more great books out there. This is just a list of some favorites of mine, who happen to have cool buttons I found online. :P

1. TEAM CAM (Fallen Series): Why love the angel, when you can love the demon instead? lol Okay, I realize this sounds insane, but putting 'species' and 'ties' aside, Cam is the nicer of the guys. (imo) I love this series, and continue to follow it, but to me, Daniel, the love interest, and angel (although fallen) acts mean, and belittles the heroine. Of course, he 'has his reasons', but Cam is always straight forward with her, and is very charming...not mention hot. He may, in theory, be on the bad side, but yet, we never actually see him being 'bad' or 'cruel' to our heroine. (unlike Daniel) In fact, he acts like he cares, and I believe him. He's even saved her life - yet this a secret between them. TEAM CAM!

Cam (fan pic)

2. TEAM PEETA (Hunger Games Trilogy): Considering the movie and all the hype of late, I won't go into too many details. I'm going to assume most everyone knows who this is. Why Peeta over Gale? My answer is simple....because he is the only one who truly understands what she's going through, and has been through. He was there.


3. TEAM PATCH (Hush Hush Series): This one was pretty easy to pick from. The only other slight contender for Nora's love in the entire series, is Scott. (A Nephilim, who's the son of her mother's old friend) There really is no competition, as the guy, although supposed to be good looking, is manipulative, has tried to kill her, and pushes himself on her. Yeah. You know it's not going anywhere, nor do you want it to. Patch, our lovely, smexy Fallen Angel, is surely the winner on this one. :)

Patch (fan pic)

4. TEAM PUCK (Iron Fey Series): This team was a little harder to choose from. I love Ash, and love Ash and Meghan together. Puck wins this team pick, not by who should be the heroine's love interest, but who should be my own. :P lol jk. I LOVE Puck. He honestly, is probably one of my all time favorite characters. He's cute, and has the most smartass-y, loveable, funniest of personalities I've read....probably ever. I could easily read a whole series just about him. LOVE!


5. TEAM SIMON (Mortal Instruments): This is another series I absolutely adore, but in this one, Simon found my heart. Jace may have that snarky candor, and roman god-like looks, but Simon steals the show with his video gaming geeky vampire self. He is the least person you would think to be a vampire, and I LOVE it. He's also incredibly funny, and find myself rolling off my chair reading his one liners to Jace and some of the others. He is awesome. Hands down.


6. TEAM SETH (Wicked Lovely Series): Why love a beautiful Summer Fae King who plays with human girls for his own personal gain, when you can love the human, turned fae best friend, and hottie, Seth. Seth is the quiet, smart, type with a human conscience. He loves our heroine even though she must be bound to the Summer King. In fact, he's so awesome in his tattooed, loyal, 'yet you won't pull crap on me' kind of way, that the Dark King has become his best friend, and The High Queen of all Fae, made him her son. We love you Seth. You deserve better than having to share her! :P

Seth (fan pic)

So there you have it! My Teams, and why. :) I'd love to hear your comments and opinions on the team choices. Please feel free to comment below!



Kristy Atkinson said...

I love Simon in The Mortal Instruments too!! Such a great guy and very quick witted as well :)

Rachel Deagan - Author said...

Definitely. I almost read it just for him. lol ;)

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