Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today we have the winners of the Liam Dreamcast Poster Contest! A special thank you to all the entrants! Each of you will be given a free autographed CAGED MOON poster. :D All the pics were AMAZING!!

Okay, let's get to the pics!!

My #1 Choice:  Landon Liboiron
(submitted by Becca)

This pic was the closest to whom I see as Liam in my head. He's got that messy ashy blond hair, intense good looks that fit sort of that werewolf image, but you can also envision him having the best smirky smile too if he wanted to. He's even got the jacket. The only thing missing is the green eyes. ;) I LOVE it!

What do you think? Is this Liam??

I even noticed, this actor goes redhead too. Aaron and Liam are twins. :P

(Sorry, had to put it up. It was too pefect ;)  )

Here's some of the other Liam Honorable Mentions that were submitted. (Random order) What are your thoughts on the Alpha Wolfboy. ;)

                                    William Moseley                                             Logan Lerman   

                                 Alexander Ludwig                                   Holden Nowell

Thanks again for all who entered!!! :D

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Hi, everyone!

Just for fun, let's have a little contest. Email me an actor look-alike of who you think would play the best Liam if this were a film. Anyone who sends a dream cast pic to will be given a FREE 8 1/2 X 11 sized signed poster of CAGED MOON. This poster giveaway will last until next Wednesday, 6/27. All dream cast pics will be posted on that day in a follow up Poster Giveaway Post, where I'll rank my top pics from the group. Everyone who enters, will get a poster though. :D

Let's have some fun!!


Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have a wonderful surprise. ALPHA MOON is now AVAILABLE a few hours early!! :D

A novella from the male character's POV in Caged Moon.

Tormented by a repressed past, Liam is faced with the responsibility of raising, and taking care of a pack of younger, obnoxious ‘pups’. He’d do anything for them; guilt from prior mistakes, driving him to protect them at any cost. Until a strange human girl, bearing the scent of a wolf, throws his world into chaos. Instinct says she’s his mate. Logic says she’s a danger to the pack. Curiosity can’t keep him away.

Revisit the YA Paranormal Romance, Caged Moon, through an all new perspective.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


ALPHA MOON has a new cover!! :D

Sarah E. Melville did an AMAZING job designing this new image just in time for Alpha Moon's release. I love it! :)

June 17th

Add it on Goodreads

What do you think??

Sunday, June 10, 2012


Caged Moon's brand new blog tour kicks off TODAY!! :D AToMR Tours is hosting the tour. They are WONDERFUL. Please check out the blog stops for chances to win a signed copy of CAGED MOON, and to win your choice in ebook copies, of CAGED MOON, or ALPHA MOON.

The Bloggers, AToMR Tours, and I, have compiled together a wonderful ensemble of interviews (both from characters, and me), excerpts, quotes, fun character tweet convos, plenty of reviews, and more. Every stop is something NEW. See below for all info, and don't forget to sign up to win FREE COPIES!! :D

**Please note that all stops on the tour will have eBook GIVEAWAY
Monday, June 11
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The Fairytale Nerd-EXCERPT
Young Adult Book Reviews-EXCERPT
Electrifying Reviews-CHARACTER INTERVIEW

The Autumn Review-REVIEW
Maestra Amanda’s Bookshelf-REVIEW
Some Like It Paranormal-REVIEW
Storybook Escape-REVIEW
The Book Slayer -PROMO

Tuesday, June 12
Little Library Muse-REVIEW
Chapter by Chapter-PROMO
Good Choice Reading-EXCERPT
Twisting the Lens-GUEST POST
Moonlight Book Reviews-TWITTER CONVO POST

Wednesday, June 13
The Life of Fiction-REVIEW
The Cozy Reading Corner-REVIEW
Sweet Southern Home-PROMO
Novels on the Run-REVIEW & EXCERPT
Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile-REVIEW

Thursday, June 14
Kindling the Fire-REVIEW

Friday, June 15
Hazel the Witch-PROMO
Reader Girls-REVIEW
Reviews by Molly-REVIEW
Bookshelf Confessions-EXCERPT

Saturday, June 16
A Tale of Many Reviews-THE WRITER’S CAVE

Saturday, June 9, 2012

My Teams And Why

Hi, Everyone!

I've decided to throw out a little fun post tonight on my Book Teams. As you can see, on the sidebar of my blog, there is list of whom I 'team' with from various books. Of course, there are many many more great books out there. This is just a list of some favorites of mine, who happen to have cool buttons I found online. :P

1. TEAM CAM (Fallen Series): Why love the angel, when you can love the demon instead? lol Okay, I realize this sounds insane, but putting 'species' and 'ties' aside, Cam is the nicer of the guys. (imo) I love this series, and continue to follow it, but to me, Daniel, the love interest, and angel (although fallen) acts mean, and belittles the heroine. Of course, he 'has his reasons', but Cam is always straight forward with her, and is very charming...not mention hot. He may, in theory, be on the bad side, but yet, we never actually see him being 'bad' or 'cruel' to our heroine. (unlike Daniel) In fact, he acts like he cares, and I believe him. He's even saved her life - yet this a secret between them. TEAM CAM!

Cam (fan pic)

2. TEAM PEETA (Hunger Games Trilogy): Considering the movie and all the hype of late, I won't go into too many details. I'm going to assume most everyone knows who this is. Why Peeta over Gale? My answer is simple....because he is the only one who truly understands what she's going through, and has been through. He was there.


3. TEAM PATCH (Hush Hush Series): This one was pretty easy to pick from. The only other slight contender for Nora's love in the entire series, is Scott. (A Nephilim, who's the son of her mother's old friend) There really is no competition, as the guy, although supposed to be good looking, is manipulative, has tried to kill her, and pushes himself on her. Yeah. You know it's not going anywhere, nor do you want it to. Patch, our lovely, smexy Fallen Angel, is surely the winner on this one. :)

Patch (fan pic)

4. TEAM PUCK (Iron Fey Series): This team was a little harder to choose from. I love Ash, and love Ash and Meghan together. Puck wins this team pick, not by who should be the heroine's love interest, but who should be my own. :P lol jk. I LOVE Puck. He honestly, is probably one of my all time favorite characters. He's cute, and has the most smartass-y, loveable, funniest of personalities I've read....probably ever. I could easily read a whole series just about him. LOVE!


5. TEAM SIMON (Mortal Instruments): This is another series I absolutely adore, but in this one, Simon found my heart. Jace may have that snarky candor, and roman god-like looks, but Simon steals the show with his video gaming geeky vampire self. He is the least person you would think to be a vampire, and I LOVE it. He's also incredibly funny, and find myself rolling off my chair reading his one liners to Jace and some of the others. He is awesome. Hands down.


6. TEAM SETH (Wicked Lovely Series): Why love a beautiful Summer Fae King who plays with human girls for his own personal gain, when you can love the human, turned fae best friend, and hottie, Seth. Seth is the quiet, smart, type with a human conscience. He loves our heroine even though she must be bound to the Summer King. In fact, he's so awesome in his tattooed, loyal, 'yet you won't pull crap on me' kind of way, that the Dark King has become his best friend, and The High Queen of all Fae, made him her son. We love you Seth. You deserve better than having to share her! :P

Seth (fan pic)

So there you have it! My Teams, and why. :) I'd love to hear your comments and opinions on the team choices. Please feel free to comment below!


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Alpha Moon Update and More!

Hi Everyone!

I apologize for the lack of posting recently. I've been very busy writing for the trilogy, and getting ready for CAGED MOON's new BLOG TOUR starting up on June 11th. Please check out the link for info. There are going to be some really fun, fan - meet the cast types of posts,  reviews, and giveaways as well.

Unfortunately, do the high demands of everything going on of late, I've decided to close my section on my Summer Magic Reads. Of course I'm still reading all the time, but if I'm honest with myself, I do not have the time to turn this blog into a review blog for the summer months. I'm human! - Although, the Pack might disagree. :P

On another note, I also have a surprise. Alpha Moon is getting a new cover before its release on June 17th! O.O I know!! But it's going to be awesome. The original CAGED MOON cover artist, Sarah E. Melville, is creating it. It will carry the same feel, tie into the original cover, and match the overall series feel. I'm very excited about it. I'll be sure to post updates as soon as I have the cover image to share! :)

Thanks, Everyone, and Happy Reading!