Friday, March 16, 2012

My Hottest Werewolf Top Ten List!!

Okay, everyone. I appologize for the silence on this blog. I've been very busy WRITING!! :p But, since I'm feeling a bit guilty, I've decided to do something a little fun for everyone. In the theme of werewolves, here is my top ten HOTTEST werewolves from TV, and movies. *winks* Feel free to add your own as well.

Starting with #10.....

Jesse Eisenburg from the movie Cursed. Albiet a little nerdy and dorky, but he pulls off the cute 'help me' main lead's brother enough to make you look twice. ;)

#9  Shiloh Fernandez, who played Peter in the movie Red Riding Hood. Not quite enough 'real' edge for me to push him to the top, but definitely cute.

#8   Paul Wesley. Yes, before Vampire Diaries, this guy was a badboy werewolf in the tv show, Wolf Lake.

#7  Taylor Kinney, who played Mason on Vampire Diaries. I couldn't believe they killed him so early. I'm still upset. :P

#6  James Preston who plays Lucas, on the tv show, The Gates. He definitely has that swoony wolfboy look. But he's also badass enough, to stand up and put his abusive father, the Alpha, in his place. 

#5  Tom Everett-Scott from the movie American Werewolf in Paris. Albeit, a little geeky, he pulls off enough charm, humor, and werewolfy edge to make you just love him. Plus that final confrontation scene was just HOT. ;)

#4  Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black in the Twilight Series. Come on, he's got the cute, hot, edgy, broody, yet heroic thing going. Gotta love Jake. :)

#3 Scott Speedman from Underworld. Now here's a rugged animal of a man. :P

#2  Jason Behr from the movie SkinWalkers. I think the pic speaks for itself. :P

...and my number 1 pick of the moment is....

Tyler Hoechlin who plays Derek on Teen Wolf. He's got baddass all over him, and yet you feel for him too, and just want to break that shell. ;)

There you have it!! My top ten list. :) Enjoy the wolfboy goodness and feel free to comment and add your own. :D


Priya said...

Tyler Hoechlin is on top of my list too!
I didn't know Paul Wesley used to play a werewolf, how interesting.
I totally love Michael from Underworld <3
Well you gotta agree, no matter the film or books I have got a huge crush on Taylor Lautner!

Rachel Deagan - Author said...

Glad you enjoyed and agree on the list! :D Was a lot of fun ;)

Jedi Master Apollo said...

Give me nerds for badasses any day. :p

Sam H- is of course on my Top 10 list. ;) Along with Russell Tovey (not much for the ears, but his acting is superb!), Tom Everett, and James Preston is pretty much a honey, too.

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