Friday, January 6, 2012

Updates and News

This week has been very busy fine tuning and getting things ready for Caged Moon's release date, but things are going great! The video's out, the book has been formatted to go.

Be sure to check out on January 24th, where Caged Moon will be featured in the studio's cover critique. Book description and author bio will be up and featured as well. :)

I've also finally had a moment to start working on my next up and coming YA novel, "The Star Children", which is it's working title for now. I do plan on changing it as soon as I can come up with a better name. I know I want 'star' in it, but am afraid using 'children' in the title might sway young readers. We shall see. Any good suggestions, ring me a line. :P

Have a great day, everyone! Be sure to check back for more updates. :)


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